четверг, 22 апреля 2010 г.

век живи, век учись :)

"Divine confirmation depends on action"

1. Урррра! семинар по насилию прошел, Слава Богу... - на ура :) ну, это если нескромно :)

2. ....More important is that every soul feel welcome to join the community in contributing to the betterment of society, commencing a path of service to humanity ...

To assign to their teaching efforts ...labels... , would not do justice to a process ... It is to be expected that the multiplication of activities would soon be sustained by human resources indigenous to the neighbourhood or village itself ( :) ) Ух!

Even the most modest estimates suggest that there are now tens of thousands (!!!) ... И ещё раз ух!!

3. "A desire to be entertained is nurtured from childhood, with increasing efficiency, cultivating generations willing to be led by whoever proves skilful at appealing to superficial emotions." :)))) хахахахаха :)

4. "It should be clear to everyone that the capacity created in community renders it increasingly able to lend assistance in the manifold and diverse dimensions of civilization building" :)

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